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World Meeting of Families


Bunting for the Pope’s Visit
We have ordered bunting and small flags from the World Meeting of Families recognised supplier.
            Hand-waver flag costs €5.50
            Bunting costs €6.50

If you are interested in getting flags or bunting through the Parish Office, please contact us on 8730675 (afternoons) or email

Tickets for the Papal Mass
Booking online has now Closed for Final Mass in Phoenix Park!
BUT if you need help securing a ticket for the Papal Mass, please contact the Parish Office.

Over 500,000 tickets have been booked for the Final Mass of WMOF2018, which will be celebrated by Pope Francis. All tickets have now been reserved and booking has closed for this event. The Mass will take place at 3pm in the Phoenix Park, Dublin on Sunday 26 August.

Requests for tickets for WMOF2018 have been overwhelming and we are delighted to announce that each of the events is now fully booked. Within a week of tickets being released to the public, 400,000 tickets for the Closing Mass in Dublin’s Phoenix Park were booked, all 45,000 tickets for Knock Shrine were booked within the first 4 hours and the Pastoral Congress in the RDS is now also fully booked, with a record-breaking 37,000 registrations.

The WMOF Office is delighted that so much interest has been expressed and, with over 10,000 overseas bookings, they look forward to welcoming many pilgrims and families from all over the world. WMOF2018 is a record-breaking Word Meeting of Families with the highest number of people registered to the Pastoral Congress, the highest number of international pilgrims attending and the highest number of children and young people attending!

With only a few short weeks to go, everyone is looking forward with great anticipation to August and a joyful exploration and celebration of love and family life today.

Papal Mass in Phoenix Park
Tickets for the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park were released on Monday last, 25th June. Please contact the Parish Office if you need help requesting your ticket(s) online. Please note the following information regarding travel times and queue times for the day of the Mass:
1. There is a 75-minute walk from the parking area to the entrance.
2. Average queue time to enter the Phoenix Park is 60 minutes
3. 60-minute walk to your corral
4. Popemobile arrives 2:30pm
5. Mass from 3pm to 4:45pm
6. 60-minute walk to exit
7. 60-minute queue to exit
8. 75-minute walk to parking

Seven Church Pilgrimage
Embark on a seven-Church Pilgrimage in Dublin: The WMOF2018 Pilgrim Walk! From Saturday 18 August to Saturday 25 August, pilgrims are invited, in a single day or over a few days during that week, to undertake the WMOF2018 Pilgrim Walk. It involves visiting seven designated churches, spending time in prayer in each of them for a special intention for families and finishing the visit with the WMOF2018 prayer.

Each pilgrim will be issued with a pilgrim walk passport, which will be stamped at each church, in the ancient tradition of the Camino of St James. A pilgrimage certificate of completion will be stamped when they arrive at the last of the seven churches. The churches can be visited in any order. Families, groups, individuals, adults and children will be participating in the pilgrim walk and there is no charge.

The route for the WMF2018 Pilgrim Walk includes the following churches:
St Teresa’s Carmelite Church, Clarendon Street. The theme is the gift of parents to the family.

St Francis Xavier’s, Gardiner Street.
The theme is the role of teachers in enriching the children of our families.
St Saviour's, Dominick Street.
The theme is God walks with families when times are tough.
St Michan’s, Halston Street.
The theme is the gift of children to the family.
St Michan’s, Church Street.
The theme is fostering the gift of forgiveness among families.
St Audoen’s Church, High Street.
The theme is the gift of grandparents to the family.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Whitefriars), Aungier Street.
The theme is love at the heart of the family.

Pilgrims are invited to visit St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral. The theme is the gift of brothers and sisters within the family. Please note: The Pro-Cathedral will close after 12:45pm Mass on Thursday 23 August until Sunday morning 26 August

Would you like to be an Ambassador during WMOF?
First, many thanks to all those who have volunteered to be ambassadors during the World Meeting of Families Seven Church Pilgrimage from 18th August until 25th August. More ambassadors are needed as the numbers expected for WMOF2018 are higher than anticipated.

What is expected of an ambassador?
* Stamp the Pilgrim Passports of the visitors
* Offer word of welcome to the visitors as they arrive
* All ambassadors are rostered at agreed times between 9:30am and 7pm from 18th to 25th August
* At least two ambassadors on duty at all times, but four ambassadors would work better!

There will be a training session in advance to explain further, and answer your questions

If you would like to volunteer as an ambassador, please contact us on or phone the parish office on 01 8730675 (afternoons).

Preparation work in progress
The Pilgrim Passports are being printed – these contain a brief history of each church

Pilgrim Stamps are being prepared – a unique design was chosen for each church

Banners are being printed and will be mounted on the exterior walls/
railings as soon as they are ready

A downloadable Pilgrim App is being programmed which will contain up to five points of interest in each church. The App will guide the pilgrim through the church with words and images

The theme for St. Michan’s Church in Halston Street is ‘The gift of children to the family’

If you would like to volunteer as an ambassador, please contact us on or phone the parish office on 01 8730675 (afternoons).